In the supermarket chain "Magiti" anniversary grand lottery is ongoing. The lottery started on January 7 and will last for 7 months. Customers of "Magniti" can win one of 7 prizes a month. "Magnet" turns 7 years old this year, and that's what the details of the lottery conditions are related to. Already played: 
5 pieces of "Magniti" 1000 GEL vouchers; 
5 pieces iPad Air; 
5 pieces Play Station 5; 
5 pieces iPhone 13 Pro Max; 
5 pieces MacBook Air; 
5 pieces 2 persons travel to Georgia for 7 days; 
and 5 pieces of super prize: 100,000 GEL 
The 35 winners have already been announced last months, and have received their gifts. On June 7, the fifth lottery live was held and 7 prizes were awarded again. Customers of "Magiti" will have two more opportunities to become lucky winners of the lottery. The live is held on the 7th of every month. At 18:30 on the official "Magniti" Facebook page, where there will be 7 winners again. 
The lottery takes place on the principle of random withdrawal of tickets. In all branches of "Magniti" the customer receives 1 lottery ticket for every 10 GEL purchase. The ticket consists of two parts. The customer must clearly indicate the name, surname, and telephone number on the relatively small part of the ticket, then tear it off and throw it in a special box placed in the branches of the "Magniti". The second, larger part of the ticket must be kept by the ticket holder until August 7th before the end of the lottery.
The lottery will be held live on Formula TV on the 7th of each month at 18:30, where 7 more winners will be announced. The customers can also watch the live broadcast of the lottery on the official Facebook page of "Magniti".
To receive the prize, it is necessary for the ticket holder to present his / her ID card and the other half of the winning ticket within 30 days after winning, thereafter the winner will be awarded the prize no later than 6 days.
The winner must present a winning ticket at the “Magniti” head office, located in Tbilisi, at Aghmashenebeli Alley 18, from 10:00 to 19:00, Monday through Friday.