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Prizes awarded to third winners of “Magniti” lottery

Supermarket chain "Magniti" conducted the third lottery, where 7 winners of the lottery were awarded solid prizes. In the past months, 14 winners of the lottery have already been announced and the winners have been given their gifts.
Gvantsa Achelishvili, a second-year student from Khashuri, who was planning to rent an apartment and move to Tbilisi, won the main prize of 100,000 GEL in the third lo...

“Magniti” opens another new format branch – “Magniti Max” in Natakhtari

"Magniti Max" was opened in Natakhtari. This format of "Magniti" with a completely different concept of shopping space, serves its valuable customers every day for 24-hours. The new store differs from other branches of the chain both in size and product range. 
The store chain continues to grow and with the opening of a new branch, the number of “Magniti” supermarkets has...

Broad assortment of products offered by “Magniti Production” can be purchased throughout Georgia

Supermarket chain "Magniti" has launched a new large-scale project - "Magniti production", which is represented in all branches of the chain across the whole country of Georgia. 
The in-house production facility located on 2000 square meters produces healthy and eco-friendly food products. “Magniti production” includes several production lines: frozen semi-processed produ...

“Magniti” awards the lottery winners after the second drawing

The second set of winners of the lottery was awarded with valuable prizes in “Magniti”. On March 7, the second live broadcast of the lottery was held, where 7 lucky customers were announced. The prizes that the company has already handed out to these customers include:
iPad Air;
PlayStation 5;
iPhone 13 Pro Max;
MacBook Air;
1000 GEL “Magniti” voucher;
7 days Georgia tour for tw...