About us

About us

Supermarket chain “Magniti”, which started its operation in 2015, is one of the first companies that has been focused on chain development in the region. Currently, the company owns up to 270 branches and has about 45000 staff members. The supermarket chain is present in densely populated areas, cities and villages throughout Georgia. The company combines small and medium-sized supermarkets, as well as large and multifunctional retail spaces that are represented in Tbilisi and Batumi under the name of "Magneti Max". The modern supermarket carries an expanded assortment tailored to customer needs, including exclusive products. Offering a unique customer experience makes the company stand out among all others.
The company has a production line of "Magneti" and provides a diverse assortment of its own products, including confectionery, bakery goods and prepared dishes. These products await customers in all branches of “Magniti” throughout the country.
In 2018-2020, supermarket chain “Magneti” had the highest rate of growth in the retail market share in terms of sales, and volume among the largest retail companies. 
Customer satisfaction research has revealed that “Magnet” is the fastest growing, innovative and news-focused supermarket chain that offers attractive prices and delivers great customer service. 


Mission and goals

The company's mission is to improve the quality of life in the regions of Georgia and foster public participation in activities. 
“Magniti” creates the center of gravity, where customers are constantly offered a new shopping experience. 
The values of the company include loyalty, patriotism and business ethics. “Magniti” has already demonstrated its commitment to corporate responsibility and it is constantly oriented towards development. 
“Magniti” consistently evolves and grows. In a dynamic and diverse environment, the success of the company depends on establishing and maintaining positive working relationships with employees. As having a motivated workforce is one of the key priorities of the company, it always supports the employee's career growth. 


Future plans

  • Standardization of branches;
  • Introduction of new format stores;
  • Development of "Magniti" production line;
  • Diversifying the product range;
  • Organizational growth;
  • Employee career development;
  • Maintain customer satisfaction;
  • Offering innovative projects to customers;