Broad assortment of products offered by “Magniti Production” can be purchased throughout Georgia


Supermarket chain "Magniti" has launched a new large-scale project - "Magniti production", which is represented in all branches of the chain across the whole country of Georgia. 
The in-house production facility located on 2000 square meters produces healthy and eco-friendly food products. “Magniti production” includes several production lines: frozen semi-processed products, ready meals such as salads and sandwiches, as well as confectionery. 
"The food production facility is one of the largest in Georgia and currently employs up to 500 employees. It is not new for “Magniti” to produce its own products - confectionery products produced in-house facilities have been offered in some cities before, but now we are dealing with a much larger scale. Currently, the whole country of Georgia is supplied with "Magniti Production" brand products. The use of natural raw materials and cutting-edge equipment in the production process allows "Magniti production" to meet all international standards. The manufacturing process, the products, and all the materials used in the work process are eco-friendly, which makes "Magniti production" even more distinctive” - says the executive director of "Magniti", Ia Nadirashvili. 
Sanitary regulations are observed in the enterprise with the highest quality and meet all established standards - The staff undergoes safety and disinfection procedures in a special area before entering, after which they can start work. Each equipment, utensil, and space in the enterprise is cleaned after use with special, recommended methods and is prepared for the next use.
All natural products and ingredients used in the production are thoroughly inspected in a special laboratory, after which the raw materials are thoroughly selected and cleaned. Only then does the preparation process begin. Particular attention is paid to meat products where multi-tested meats are used.
The dishes, after preparation, go through one more, final inspection before packaging, after which the food products are ready for sale! 
Healthy and nutritious food prepared from natural ingredients are suitable for any person. In order to save the time and energy of its customers, the brand has created a high-quality line of frozen semi-processed products, such as Khinkali, Pelmeni, Abkhazura, Kupati, and others that are quick and easy to prepare.
Frozen pizza is our customers’ most favorite food, three types of which - Pepperoni, Margarita, and Prosciutto are offered by "Magniti Production". It takes just 20 minutes to prepare the pizza, and as a result, you will get the most delicious and everyone's favorite taste!
The most demanding production line of “Magniti production” is confectionary - cakes, pastries, and cookies made with high-quality ingredients and the latest bakery machines are preferred bakery goods of our loyal customers!
If you want to buy healthy and tasty dishes for yourself and your loved ones - "Magniti production" is the best choice!